Data extracted from gravestones

Bo,ness Old Parish Church was established in 1636 to cater for the increasing numbers of residents living at a distance from the church at Kinneil.  In 1669 the church at Kinneil was suppressed to allow the Duke of Hamilton to empark the grounds at a later date. This “new” church was located on what is now Corbiehall and the churchyard lay behind it to the south. This churchyard was gradually extended southwards up to and then over Church Wynd. By 1850 this church yard was nearing capacity and cholera was about.  As an interim measure a new burial ground was created on the north side of Corbiehall details of which are given elsewhere.  The old churchyard was then extended eastwards but in 1881 a large new cemetery was opened up at Deanfield and the old churchyard was closed to new burials after some 350 years of use.

A detailed description of the surviving gravestones is included in an article by Geoff Bailey in Calatria, Journal of Falkirk Local History Society, No.23, p.1.  By kind permission of the Local History Society, I have extracted information likely to be of interest to family historians from the gravestone records and it has been published as CSFHS publication M8. For the sake of completeness, I have included the similar data from the associated Corbiehall graveyard.

Volume M8 is available from the Society bookstall at a price of £2.  Orders by post to Ian Anderson, Taradon, Wallacestone Brae, Falkirk, FK2 0DH (£2.75 post paid)