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Contributions to the Newsletter

A regular Newsletter is published by the Society and distributed free to all members. The Society also exchanges journals with several societies affiliated to the Society of Scottish Family History Societies. Journals are also exchanged with societies in Australia, Canada and New Zealand
Contributions in the form of articles, news items, reports etc. are invited and should be sent to the Editorial team:

                                        CSFHS Newsletter Editor,
                                        4 Fir Lane, 
                                        FK5 3LW.

                                       or email the newsletter team

Enquiries seeking connections or information from other members can be printed in the Society newsletter. Please submit any query briefly and clearly. Always quote your name and membership number. Preferably put names and places in BLOCK CAPITAL letters.
It will be appreciated that the Society cannot undertake to act as intermediary, and all subsequent correspondence must be between individual members, although the editor will always be pleased to hear of any outcome.
Data Protection Act 1998 - The Society maintains computerised lists of members names and addresses which include subscription details. These are used for preparing mailing lists for distribution of the Newsletter or other Society publications and for management of the Society's affairs. Separate computerised lists of members' names, addresses and research interests are kept to allow periodic publication of Members' Interests. The lists are kept for the sole purposes of managing the Society and maintaining membership records, mailing lists and lists of members and their interests. We would like to assure members that their names and addresses will not be given to any commercial or other organisation for any other purpose.

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