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Syllabus for 2016-2017




12th October 2016

How to trace your family history

Members of the Society.

9th November 2016

Aberdeen and North East Resources.

Buzzy Garden,
ANESFHS (Glasgow Group).
7th December 2016

Christmas Social.

Lord Lyon.
11th January 2017

The Victoria Cross.

Colin Mailer.
8th February 2017 Tracing Your Naval Ancestors. John McGee, Treasurer of ASGRA.
8th March 2017

Convicts and transportation.

Ken Nisbet.
12th April 2017 Memories and Memory. Anne Reid,
Managing Director of Speaking Lives.
3rd May 2017 Annual General Meeting,

People, Places and Partnerships :
Local History Resources from Historic Enviroment Scotland.

Andrew James, Scran

Meetings of the Society are held on Wednesday at 7:30pm, and are held at the
Smith Museum and Art Gallery, Dumbarton Road, Stirling.

*Speaker or Subject at Society meetings may change due to circumstances beyond our control.*

Additional Events

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