Items from the Society's library may be referred to at the monthly meetings or borrowed
for one month (i.e. until the next meeting).

Unfortunately we are not able to offer a postal loan service; the books can only be borrowed
at our regular monthly meetings.

The Society has facilities at St Ninians Library and Stirling Council Archives.

Stirling Library Service have provided space for members' facilities at St Ninians Library.

This allows easier access to some of the Society's holdings.

  • Microfiche:
    Index to the 1881 Census - Clackmannanshire, Perthshire, Stirlingshire, West Lothian.
    Index to the 1891 Census for the whole of Scotland by county and the 1891 Shipping Records. 
    Index to the OPR births and marriages - Clackmannanshire, Perthshire, Stirlingshire, West Lothian.

  • Microfilm:
    1841 Census for Clackmannanshire  and Stirlingshire.
    1851 Census for Clackmannanshire, Perthshire, Stirlingshire and West Lothian.
    1891 Census for Clackmannanshire, Stirlingshire, West Perthshire and Bo'ness and Carriden.  
    OPRs for Clackmannanshire, Stirlingshire, West Perthshire and West Lothian.

Help Desk:
The Society with assistance from library staff run a help desk.
Check the Drop in Session page for full detais.

Facilities at Stirling Archives.
Stirling Council Archives generously provide open access to all the Society's holdings in book and paper form.
Details of open times and location visit the Archives web site

  • Pedigree Charts - submitted by members of the Society both past and present.
  • Papers Relating to Families - records, documents and lists relating to the families of members & others.
  • Family History Reference - books, booklets and reference papers on many different aspects of genealogy & family history.